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Misson of the Library
The mission of the library media program for Thomas Edison Charter School is to enrich and support the school community. This entails providing a wide range of quality materials on all appropriate levels of difficulty, providing materials and services that will encourage growth in knowledge and encourage a love of reading. In order to accomplish this mission the librarians and classroom teachers will collaborate to teach students how to locate, select, evaluate, organize, and communicate information as it relates to Thomas Edison Charter School's educational curriculum standards.

Visits to the LIbrary
Students may visit the library before and after school or during their lunch time.
Students in grades K-5 have a 30 minute library class in the library each week.
Middle school students will visit the library during their core classes for information literacy and literature appreciation lessons.

Check Out Policy
Two week check out period.
    K-1 students may check out 1 book.
    Second grade students may check out 2 books.
    Third grade students may check out 3 books.
    Fourth grade students may check out 4 books.
    5th-8th grade students may check out 5 books.

Overdue Items
Students will be given an overdue notice when their books are more than one week late. Students may not check out any new books until they have returned any overdue books.  Parents may be contacted if an item is excessively overdue.

Lost or Damaged Books
Students are responsible for paying the replacement cost of a lost or damaged book. A book is damaged if reading is hindered.

Library Policy

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